Fashion is made to be uncomfortable. -Coco Chanel

Autumn Morning

The weather is changing and the leaves are falling. Fall is here!! It’s that time of year where you can wear your sweaters put on your UGGs and stay under the blankets. We all love those cozy morning where you can wear some legging and a huge sweater and rock some boots :D Get your outfits ready cause this season is a changer.

Neutrogena Grapefruit Cleansing Wipes:Review

So about a couple weeks ago I bought these grapefruit cleansing wipes. I loved the smell and the packaging was a really great color. Basically you use these wipes when you feel your face becoming oily or even after a workout. They refresh and cleanse your face, i truly love them. They aren’t really meant to use when you wake up and whenever. I feel that this products used best when your outside or feel a tad moist or sweaty. These neutrogena cleansing wipes are inexpensive and work very well. They also last long and smell really good. Definitely go out and purchase these anywhere! I got mine at target :) Happy shopping!

Amazing bows, check out my recent review on these bows. They are so cute and affordable. :) 

Bow So Lovely

Check out this amazing website!!! I saw this account on Instagram and fell in love. They make the most perfect and cutest bows all hand made. Now, knowing its hand made i thought it would be pricey, but boy was i wrong. These hand made and stylish bows are $5 and under. There are packages  that cost $10 dollars but single bows are $5. The website ships worldwide, THANK GOD!! They have all styles of bows and you can get your own custom made bow too. :) Definitely recommend this website, but bows are selling out fast so get yours now. :0 follow them on instagram too:

hahahahahahaa love this 

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