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Tumblr Room status

A lot of times scrolling through Tumblr, I see amazing rooms that are considered “tumblr” ishh rooms, so here are some ways to re-create these:

Most “tumblr” rooms have bagillions of pictures. If you have some cool vintage or even friends and fam pics- get them in 4x6 or polaroid format. CVS and Walgreens have really great prices for 4x6. App: Printic- polaroid formats and Snapfish- amazing prices for 4x6 as well as every month you get 55 free prints but pay low pricing in shipping.
Add pics across your room on some twine, or just string. You could either punch holes at the corners or buy the old styled clothes pins and decorate them. Another way is to just paste/tape your pics across an empty wall in rows or by making shapes.

Second- To lighten up dark rooms buy some LED lights. Most of the time it’s always white but buying different colors is totally cool too.

Another thing is to have CDs on racks, magazines on racks, and other things that would make you seem totally interested in only being in your room. So add black or white cube shelves to your wall and like some CDs or magazines on there.

If you don’t like the grunge look then instead use magazines to cut out letters that spell out inspirational quotes you can always look at, Or just paint them yourself with any color paint.

There are some many things you can do to achieve your “tumblr” room but too many to actually post in one posting, if that makes sense XD. Have fun re-creating your room.


I have a huge problem with my hair getting darker and damaged in the summer from going to the pool a lot and things of that sort. Recently I’ve done research because for the past 3 summers I’ve gone less swimming and have let my hair grown out. So here are some tips for the summer

🌸To keep your hair lighter instead of dying it with chemicals and bleach, buy some lemons and squeeze the juice into a bowl. Apply to your hair with a brush, fingers, or a small comb. You want to apply it to the roots going downward and then sit out in the sun for some time like an hour or so.🌸

πŸ‘™ If you go swimming a bunch like I do, before you apply some conditioner into your hair. Rinse the conditioner out and go swim. The conditioner won’t absorb the chlorine, which is why it works. And after you swim shampoo it and rinse it well enough.πŸ‘™

πŸ‘Έ Something I had to do the first week I got out of school was from my hair. I grew my hair out so much it started causing spilt ends, mind you that was my first time. Normally I get my hair cut every three months, so I always had it short. I hated short hair so I avoided getting any type of hair cut. Now I say, DON’T DO THAT!πŸ‘Έ

Have a fun summer!

Tips on Facing the Reality of High School

βœ… First day wear something to make an impression, people judge (always)
βœ… Plan everything out the night before as well as have buddies to meet on the first day of school
βœ… Know your schedule and don’t be late (obvious but) as well as don’t fool around at your locker or with a lock (just get the arrows lock)
βœ… When it comes to drama, AVOID IT!! I’d you get in the middle of it just slide on out
βœ… Have set general goals for the whole year so you won’t get lazy
βœ… Don’t ever be shy in class
βœ… Friends come and go so be open minded about everyone
βœ… Watch for red flags in people: don’t get into the wrong crowd

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